Bowery Banquet


Versione italiana prima delle foto.

New York, how much I missed you. These are the words I whispered to myself when I landed after a peaceful (but long trip), while a wave of sticky heat welcomed me. Never mind the heat (which is now gone). New York charms me in such a powerful way that other places dare not even compete with.
Gifted with absolutely glorious architecture, idyllic when it comes to its green areas, livened up by an unstoppable rhythm, New York is a unique city.
If I really think about the essential reason why I love New York, it turns out it is because of the people who live there. Take Laura, for example, actress and blogger extraordinaire (but she really deserves a dedicated post; meanwhile, go and check her blog Vivere New York.
So, I had been back a few days when I stumbled upon this invitation.
Brief but attractive, the event description promised a night of food, libations and entertainment in three acts. But what really convinced me to go were the people behind the Bowery Banquet event. (more…)


Cocotte di zucca e uova

Sono mesi e mesi che mi ripropongo di contribuire con una ricetta all’iniziativa Salutiamoci che desidera ispirare la creazione di ricette che tengano conto dell’influenza...